Above: the back of the pilothouse of the Red Falcon.

Above: closeup of the gauges, brass pipes, and one of the gas lamps in the pilothouse of the Red Falcon.

Above: early screenshot of the port side of the pilothouse, showing the woodwork, pipes, and gas lamp. Out the window, an Eagle airship can be seen.

Above: The front of a Red Falcon ship, with another airship overhead.

Above: The view from behind the Red Falcon's starboard gatling gun.

Above: The S.S. Princess Grace and an Eagle Interceptor cruising over the landscape, which stretches for thousands of miles.

Above: The S.S. Princess Grace's upper machine gun turret fires at one of the Duke of Snoddly's ships (top).

Above: Example of the procedural terrain, with waves lapping up on the shoreline.

Above: The Red Falcon's port guns (a large gatling gun and a flak cannon).

Above: The S.S. Sun-in-Splendour and other Imperial warships above it.

Above: Closeup of the Sun-in-Splendour's tower.

Above: Closeup of a flak explosion.

Above: A burning biplane plunges from the sky.

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