"Starving Indie Developer" is a collaborative framework for small independent software developers, intended to provide a code framework as well as a forum for organizing collaborative efforts. Right now, the software market is generally a pretty grim place for small developers, and attempted collaborative efforts usually take the form of either: A) someone has a "great game idea" but no programming or artistic skills, hence they want someone else to do the work for them; B) a small company is working on a game and offers to pay outside people (usually programmers) to speed up development, but usually without the monetary means to do so over the longterm; or C) programmers or artists offer their skills to a small company in the hope of making some money, which often results in months of work for little or no pay.

"Starving Indie Developer" provides a software engine which has most of the code already written, while also providing projects which have already been started so that collaborative efforts have a reasonable starting point and therefore a reasonable chance of success. Pre-release crowdfunding is used as a means to provide adequate money up front or on an ongoing basis, to eliminate or mitigate the chief roadblock for indie projects.

The few successful indie developers generally reuse the same code to rapidly make multiple similar projects (usually simple games, but other types of software can also be successful). If this method is combined with collaborative efforts - some paid, some volunteer - projects would have a much greater chance of success. That's what this framework is designed to do.


Above: Screenshot from Aeronautica.
Aeronautica is a Victorian-themed "steampunk" airship game (which may also include surface ships, submarines, tanks and other vehicles depending on funding) in which players can explore a vast procedurally-generated world and establish settlements as well as fighting realtime first-person battles against other airships or fleets of airships. The base engine was adapted from two earlier aerial combat games, with the result that much of the fundamental code is already finished, although there are still many features that need to be added.

Project page: Aeronautica

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